Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Pitti Uomo 88 : suit up

Apparently some people are having trouble with the link I posted yesterday.  I checked it out and it was working from all the different browsers and machines that I use so I'm not sure what the trouble is.  As a consolation, another longer video, brought to you by

Aside from what goes on inside the show itself, one can often get a very good take on emerging trends just by observing what participants are wearing.  Trend forecasting is not a science and can trip up people who are new to it- what we see at shows like Pitti are often the bleeding-edge of #menswear and only certain elements will translate to sellable trends in any given market.  One needs to learn how to filter through the floppy hats and capes to find the trends that are likely to have legs in your market.  In that sense, I find that observing people is a better predictor than what is shown at the shows because we see how people actually integrate emerging trends into their wardrobes all the while understanding that the Europeans will wear things differently than the Japanese and certainly Americans, all of whom will be seen in the carnival that is a show like Pitti.

Trend forecasting aside, people watching in Europe during shows like Pitti Uomo, Milano Unica, and Première Vision is probably one of the most fun parts of my job.

(And is it my imagination or are the Beckett & Robb boys the breakout stars of the season?)


Anonymous said...

Merci. The video showed up and is playable at the BonneGueule site.

Jordan said...

Interesting video! It is very fun seeing what everyone's wearing in things like this. Thanks for sharing!

bubbygigi said...

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