Tuesday, November 22, 2016


I had a few questions about my halloween costume. I made it in a huge hurry so I don't have photos or details to share, but I'll explain what I can in an attempt to answer some of the specific questions.

The cloth was a brocade I found at Joann Fabric- I decided on the Wednesday what I would be wearing to a party on the Saturday and ran out at lunch to find something. I had hoped to find a red and black flocked jacquard but couldn't so bought this brocade instead. It was reminiscent of the outfit Joffrey wore to his own wedding in the Game of Thrones (the scene where he dies of poisoning). I have a mannequin that is fairly close to my own shape so I draped the pattern directly in the actual cloth- fortunately it was cheap enough that I could buy extra which would allow for that, so instead of using muslin which isn't the same in terms of drape, I used the actual stuff. The only drawback to doing that is I don't have a record of the pattern, in case I ever wanted to use it again. that said, it was fairly easy to make so I wouldn't have trouble duplicating it.

I wanted a fairly clean bodice so it was interlined with tailor's canvas. Someone asked about interlining for silks- I personally wouldn't use the same interlining on silk as I do woolens- you need to balance the hand and the drape to the cloth. There is no science to it, just play withe the cloth and various interlinings until you get something you think works together. I used to make a lot of ladies wear using dupioni silk which has a crisp finish to it so is suitable to tailored styles, unlike softer silks, and would sometimes use broadcloth as an interlining (cutting the exact size and shape as the silk outer pieces, basting them together and working them as one piece) and then something a little crisper as interfacing on edges etc. I thought briefly about using boning in the bodice to give a really clean look, but decided against it. The sleeves and body were lined but the cape part over the sleeve was not- the edges were turned twice and top stitched. The cloth was crisp enough that the hem of the garment didn't need interfacing.

Does that cover the questions?