Monday, July 8, 2013

Luxury Hangers by Butler Luxury

I once wrote a rant about the importance of hangers to fine tailored clothing (you can read it here)

Like any investment piece, it worth spending a little extra to take care of it, whether it's a cover for your iPad or a case for your phone or a cover for your boat or classic car. Clothing is no different. Most hangers do not provide adequate support to the shoulder and collar and cause actually distort the garment while it is hanging. Good quality hangers will prevent this distortion.

Butler Luxury contacted me to see if I would be interested in seeing their line of luxury hangers. Naturally, I was; they sent me a set of four pieces.

The shirt hanger


The sport coat hanger


The trouser hanger


And, most importantly, the suit hanger


The suit and sportcoat hangers are made extra-wide at the ends, which provide the necessary support for the shoulder of the garment.


An important feature is also the wide, flocked trouser bar. The flocked finish prevents the trouser from slipping off, and the extra-wide bar prevents impressions being left on the trouser where they fold over the bar; other hangers which have a locking bar or a strap to prevent slipping will all leave marks on the trouser. I definitely like these features. I also love that the hangers come in four different sizes- it's just as bad to have a large hanger poking out of the sleeves of a coat as it is to have then shoulders of a coat hang off the end of a hanger that is too narrow. The hanger sizes are suggested for approximate coat size, which is a help for people who wouldn't know what size is most appropriate to order.

From a technical standpoint, these hangers have it all. But they are also very handsome, and the finish is really very nice. Available in two colors, it occurred to me that the Walnut Espresso finish matches the wood in my walk-in and that matching hangers for everything including my shirts, while perhaps not strictly necessary, would look very nice.

In any case, if you are the type who invests in quality clothing, I highly recommend investing in proper garment storage, which includes these lovely luxury suit hangers.