Wednesday, August 6, 2014

An interesting read about craftsmanship

I'm back, sort of.

The last few months have been crazy with moving and starting a new job in the southern United States but I hope I can start picking up where I left off.

First up, an interesting read that voxsartoria was kind enough to bring to my attention. I am happy and envious in equal parts that someone was able to express so well something that I have been struggling to convey for years. In short,

Craft means skill; and handcraft for its own sake is as much an enemy of good craftsmanship as bad mass-production. It would be a hard thing if human beings, having taught robots to speak like Shakespeare, could only prove their voices human by learning to stutter.


Spectator Archive


Though it was voxsartoria who brought it to my attention, all credit for unearthing the article must go to RJMan. I stand corrected.