Saturday, February 26, 2011



For the buttonholes on the cashmere jacket I settled on a taupy shade from my stash of vintage twist, in this case Rice's. I prefer a finer thread, but it works.

Things that are in the pipeline- dissections of Savile Row houses Fallan & Harvey and Maurice Sedwell, a vintage dinner jacket from a Havana tailor, and a very interesting coat from French house Smalto.

Also on their way- I just bought four lengths of Holland and Sherry suiting on which I will be testing a new drafting system.

Lots of work to do.



J Maclochlainn said...

God I wish I was closer to Chicago!

s. said...

very much looking forward to it all jeffery, especially the smalto and the new drafting system... sounds intriguing.

Kim said...

What J said. Beautiful buttonholes, sumptuous looking fabrics, can't wait to see the magic you'll work on them.

Debra Martin said...

What Kim said!
I am drooling just looking at those buttonholes and that TDF fabric!

Anonymous said...

Very nice Jeffery! Looking forward to them all especially the Maurice Sedwell suit as I'm going to enroll in his Savile Row Academy in 2013.

brendan said...

On the Savile Row series on TV, Maurice Sedwell says all his facings are sewn on by hand. Ive never seen any of his jackets, but I heard his handwork (sleeves, shoulders, facings etc)is the most extensive on Savile Row. Not that its the be all and end all of bespoke tailoring!

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