Friday, January 10, 2014

The Anatomy of a Suit, Plus Gimp

The Anatomy of a Suit is an exhibit now showing at the London Museum and apparently dissects suits, some historical, to show the innards.  While they sadly did not appear to proof their material, it would still be an interesting thing to see.  Running until June 2014

Also, a reader points out a new source for Agreman gimp, my gimp of choice for hand made buttonholes. This can be bought at WAWAK sewing supplies.

Thanks to David and Nula for pointing these out.


Anonymous said...

What fun, :-)

Anonymous said...

"While they sadly did not appear to proof their material..."

Are there inaccuracies?

David said...

You are very welcome Jeff! THANK YOU, for sharing all of your informative knowledge and talent with us. It has really helped me enhance my tailoring skills and broaden my knowledge about the industry:-).. I hope your hand is doing better.

Anonymous said...

That's Tim Long. He was the curator over at the Chicago History Museum. I went to London to get his masters and then went to McQueen to archive the work when McQueen died.
Looks like a fun exhibit.

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