Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Men of the Cloth in Chicago

Vicki Vasilopoulos is bringing her documentary, Men of the Cloth back to Chicago.

Advance tickets to the May 7th screening are required, as they will not be available at the door, and can be reserved here



Paula DeGrand said...

By sheer chance I learned a couple of days ago that this documentary was going to be screened locally (Columbus, Ohio). My husband and I saw it yesterday. I'm a sewer; he is not (although he's been exposed to sewing and tailoring through me). We both found the film enthralling and inspiring. It was touching, but did not wallow in sentimentality. It was also very enjoyable. It certainly doesn't hurt to be interested in tailoring to appreciate this documentary, but it is also about discipline and mastery in general. My husband's a tough grader and he gave this an excellent rating, (which almost never happens!).

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