Monday, November 16, 2009

Dugdale Brothers

A parcel came this morning.


I decided to try out another English cloth merchant, Dugdale Brothers. From what I gather they are a smallish, private cloth merchant in Huddersfield who will deal directly with tailors selling cut lengths. Their prices are very good (for English cloth, mind you) and they stock a range of trimmings as well, trimmings which are getting very hard to find over here. They have an attractive website here

I initiated discussions with them and had the samples I requested very quickly so I placed a little order last week to try them out. They were nice to deal with and quick to respond, and the order arrived within days so full marks on service. One thing that surprised me was that the Gutermann S1003 silk thread I ordered is quite a bit heavier than the R753 that I usually use for buttonholes, though that may be a good thing; it's not quite as heavy as the F size thread that's more readily available over here but that I find just too thick and clumsy looking. It's only available in 7 colours but they are the standard menswear colours.

Now I have to decide what to make first. Life is full of tough decisions.


Decision made. I have a meeting coming up with one of our retail accounts in the US. If I showed up in one of my severe, rope-pagoda shouldered numbers they would probably vomit (the US is all about soft shoulders) so I'll have to make something much more demure and soft-shouldered for this meeting. In the light grey, I think.


Lynn said...

Wow. Nice fabric. I think you made a good decision. If you post pictures of this suit, I would love to see and read your thought process of the drafting of the shoulder area. The insides of your waistband (how you finish it), and the hems of your pants (how you finish those) Thanks.

Mildly Consumptive said...

Have you ever ordered buttons or trimmings from Richard James Weldon? I am a fan of their buttons. They apparently have a distributor in Montreal: D. Smith Textiles Inc.

Jordan Marc said...

The brown and tan Prince of Wales check would make a handsome double-breasted two-piece suit, don't you think?

Hmm, I've never thought of soft shoulders as being the shape of choice in the US. What's wrong with a little padding and structure?


Anonymous said...

Did the buttons are genuine horn buttons?

Maria said...


Anonymous said...

You can also now buy Dugdale and Thomas Fisher cloths online at their online store.

Anonymous said...

Dear jefferyd,

May I ask you if that is 8969 on the right,

the beige from the New Fine Worsted bunch?

Thank you

Anonymous said...

Correction: 8968 from the New Fine Worsted bunch.

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