Wednesday, May 18, 2011

DIY chalk sharpener


Franca has shared her latest DIY project (or rather, her husband's). Chalk sharpeners are not the easiest things to find and are certainly not cheap when you do so here is her version (if there is demand, perhaps we could encourage her husband to offer "bespoke" chalk sharpeners on Etsy :)

the box € 2.50
4 packs of 10 blades € 1.00 each total € 4
various bolts € 1

Total € 7.50!!

Grazie, Franca!


Anonymous said...

Looks cool.

BCN - UNIQUE designer patterns said...

wow Jeffery .- Here in Barcelona, was a man to do these sharpeners. He died, and now nobody knows where to find. It's a good idea to open an ETSY, of course. I hope all is well for you. Best,


Unknown said...

i use a sliding pen knife similar to:

though, it works well, itd be nice to get something like you posted. i second the notion for bespoke sharpeners.

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone,
since they are very happy that my husband Peppino has finally decided to get me my "affilagessi" (chalk sharpener), I wanted to share with you this event. A few days ago I contacted a dealer in Milan to buy professional chalk sharpener, but asked me € 70 + VAT = € 84. So I asked my husband to get me the chalk sharpener who was on a site of a Norwegian Tailor Aurelio, who learned his trade as a tailor in Italy. In fact it works, it's easy to do, everyone can do ... Finally, it only costs € 7.50.
Just try it!!!


s. said...

looks quite wonderful, but until these make it to mass supply, or at least more than made to order, i guess i'll be sticking to my craft knife.

Anonymous said...

Hi S., but if you've always done it that way you do well not to change! The important thing is the result!!!

Unknown said...

Hi Franca, might I ask the name of this norwegian tailor?

Thank you in advance!

PS: Thank you so much for wrighting this blog Jeffery Diduch!

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