Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Men of the Cloth

This has been some time in the making but it's in the final push to finish it. The film maker has made an appeal for donations to help her finish. If you liked the trailer and want to see the rest of it completed, you can go here to make a donation. I did.

MEN OF THE CLOTH IndieGoGo Video from Vicki Vasilopoulos on Vimeo.


Archibald said...

A very good initiative!

As a nostalgic and also inspirational trip to the past, here is a link to another video in a post on the swedish blog "Welldressed".



brendan said...

Hi jeffrey, I have spotted a lovely Savile Row bespoke on Ebay one of the big houses which you havent done a dissection on yet. Its in Canada. Bargain price too, great condition and 40 Reg. Have emailed you the details.

Anonymous said...

I am having a bit of an issue donating money to this film. I want to see it happen as much as anybody else, however holding it back because of lack of funding is a bit of a BS move in my opinion. I have a lot of friends who are aspiring film makers and they get zero funding and put out great stuff. If he really wants to spread the word about these tailors and tradition he would make it happen not just try to pocket money in the meantime.

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