Friday, November 18, 2011

The Brees Blazer again

Remember this?

brees blazer

I made this jacket last year, just before leaving Canada. Ellen Degeneres saw it and liked it so Drew had one made for her (not by me- my contacts within that camp don't know where to find me these days) and will be presenting it to her on Monday's show. I saw a post on facebook which is how I found out about this coat-



Dei said...

I loved this the first time a saw it. The only thing to make it better would be a Ravens lining.

paul van der hart said...

Will you be on the show?

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

ellen blows. your work and blog, on the other hand, are great.

lpburke86 said...

actually Ellen very specifically doesn't blow....

Anonymous said...

Your sportcoat for Drew was a piece of art. Sorry we couldn't use you for the follow up. (More contractual than contact info). Keep in touch.
Country Squire Haberdashery

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