Friday, April 20, 2012

IACDE World Convention

This year's world convention of the International Association of Clothing Designers and Executives will be in Santiago de Compostela, Spain, on the 4th and 5th of May. The theme of this convention is fast fashion, and we will be visiting the design center of one of the world's leaders in fast fashion, Zara/Inditex. Also on the program are presentations by-

Jesus Echevarria- Zara, Inditex corporate presentation
Lodovico Zandegu- Boglioli,Speed in luxury
Dr. Karl Hendrik Magnus- McKinsey & Company, Strategic Perspectives on the Future of Fast Fashion
Joachim Hensch- Hugo Boss, the Future of Fast Fashion – opening of the 2012 IACDE world convention
Dr. Andreas Seidl- Assyst GmbH, 3d-Modeling and Fast virtual Prototyping
Roland Schuler- ESPRIT, Strategic Product development as Precondition to Accelerate Fashion Flow
Kyle Vucko- Indochino Inc, Online custom clothing and e-retailing
Ed Gribbin- Alvanon Inc.,Technology leaps for the Future of Fast Fashion
Jean-Luc Auverdin, Frederic Piriou- Chargeurs Interlining, Interlining Solutions for Fast Fashion
Simone Visani, Ulrich Scherbel- Freudenberg Interlining, Fast Fashion – differentiation through innovation


The program and registration information can be found here. I sit on the executive committee of the IACDE so if anyone is interested in find out out more about it, feel free to contact me.


Sewing Princess said...

It looks so interesting! Tough I don't work in fashion the topic of fast fashion is really fascinating to me. I'd love to visit zara and Santiago is really pretty. Any chance the conference proceedings or presentation could be shared?

Yen said...

Hi Jeffery. I have an off topic question about what kind of canvas would you use for cotton suit and seersucker suit to maintain the shape but still keep it light? Also for chest piece, if I use haircloth, would it be too heavy?
Many thanks.

Anonymous said...

Re Zara fast fashion:


Anonymous said...

Lucky you that you get to visit the headquarters of Zara. The theme of the convention definitely strikes a cord with me - I work in the knits category and we're always chasing after styles. I'm interesting to hear what the discussions were (if you share, of course)

R. Jeffery Diduch said...

SP- I'll certainly be taking notes and pictures. Unfortunately I won't get a chance to visit Santiago- I'm in and out in just over two days :(

Yen- There are many different weights of canvas available, and certainly haircloth is a good choice for the chest.

BCN - UNIQUE designer patterns said...

Good day. I invite you to read this news. They are a small part of the activities of Zara. After the reading, perhaps you'll stop talking so happily about Zara. Thanks.

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