Saturday, September 15, 2012

Indochino- first impressions

The suit and shirt came earlier than promised but I was busy so I let it hang for a few days. Since I know how to press a suit, it was conceivable that I might have improved it a bit by giving it a good press so I shot it as it came out of the box. If I have time, I'll give it a press and reshoot, to see if that makes much of a difference in the fit.

I'll get into more detail about it early next week, but here are some first impressions. On the whole, I'm pleasantly surprised for the most part.

During the fitting process I let them do their thing. I wanted to get the "Indochino experience" so I didn't guide them, with one exception. Readers will have to keep something in mind; when you go to Indochino you are getting a skinny, fashion-forward suit like you might find on the pages of GQ or Details. This is not bargain-basement Brioni, and if you are looking for classic proportions according to "whnay's good taste" thread then you are looking in the wrong place. However I think it is good to have a point of view and to be very direct about it; there is too much half-baked clothing on the market which tries to be everything to everybody and thus fails in most things.


Steven T said...

It's a nice suit. Jacket is a great fit especially around the shoulders. I am impressed.

s. said...

nice suit, looking forward to an in depth analysis; sorry to digress, i love the interior decor, and your new floor too!

Anonymous said...

It fit's. Although I do believe that they do a greater deal on a suit which will be presented on a blog. The waistcoat unfortunately looks like a sack, I do not understand why they could not fit it around your body nicely evan though they made up darts AND strap&buckle.

Anonymous said...

Other than the stylistic issues with length and lapel width, it actually looks very good. I'm surprised.

Anonymous said...

I think it's a little tight at the seat causing gaping vents, or the waist is too low. Trousers a bit too slim. Whole jacket is about 3 inches too short (sorry, I know that's a style thing).

What does it FEEL like?

Kim said...

I like it. I'm wondering about the wrinkles at the back underarms and back vents. Maybe those will relax out when you give it a good press?

How does the jacket feel/fit in those areas? Can I just say...I like the look of the jackets you make better.;-)

Also, I love the floors! And your socks! Too cool.

Benjamin E. said...

For a slim suit it doesn't look too bad. To echo the previous comments, aside from the dowdy vest (poor button spacing, sack-like fit, and the points look short), too-tight pants, and the gaping vents, it fits rather well. The upper sleeves could be less wrinkly. It seems like they've come a long way, though.
I really like the double breasted 3 piece look; you don't see it often and it looks tre suave. Also, your socks are dope.

Anonymous said...

It's a very attractive suit, although not my preferred style.

As an amateur tailor, your post and the comments on the fit are fascinating to me.

I agree, nice socks.

Did you do a post on how to iron a finished suit? I'll have to look.

Thanks, as always.

jimmy said...

I've seen far worse MTM from brick and mortar stores and lets not forget about the price. It is unfair to compare this suit with others that cost at least more than double.

If you found your way on to this blog chances are you're not their target market. The make i would imagine be like a Topman suit but for the same price they offer a unique experience and personal details. Short answer is they're on to a winner and we need to step up our game.

SG said...

Compared to SR's Indochino suit this isn't bad.
Which goes to show the benefit of personal contact over sending measurements via an online form.
Still, I prefer the proportions of your hand made suits. :)

Thanks for pointing to the "good taste" thread. It's interesting to see who is considered a "master of style" these days (if only by themselves)!

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