Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Shoulder pads

Shoulder padding is a fairly controversial subject, but the consensus in the US seems to be "less is more". There is also a misconception that all RTW makes use way too much padding; this is occasionally true- this is a pad from a well-known and loved brand


I prefer something softer and lighter. This is the thickest of the pads that I use in my RTW clothing.


You don't have to go all the way to Naples to get a soft shoulder.


Anonymous said...

Thank you. What is your preferred brand?

Anonymous said...

No response to the question in regard to preferred brand of shoulder pad?

theresa said...

Jeff, just got the latest issue of "Threads" mag in the mail today with your article on armholes and sleeves. Great job and keep them coming.

Theresa in Tucson

R. Jeffery Diduch said...

I like Helsa pads.

Really?, I didn't even proof the final version! I hope they send me a copy.

Anonymous said...

Jeffery, I really appreciated your Threads article. It is so rare to find something related to tailoring for men.

On another note, is there an internet source that sells the Helsa pads?

Bill in Grand Rapids, Michigan

Kim said...

Just saw a reference to your article on Threads website!!!!! WooHoo!!! Can't wait to get my hands on a copy!!!!! Thanks and congrats!!!!

SG said...

what's the number of the pad?
I have a sample in black that say 764597, which looks very similar to the one in your last picture.

R. Jeffery Diduch said...

SG- all my pads are made to my design and specification so while there may be similar pads around, they wouldn't be exactly those and wouldn't have our article numbers on them.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jeffery, Like the new beard, btw! How's the hand doing? Enjoyed the article in Threads. If you don't get a copy. let me know an dI"ll scan it and email it to you. Is there a sourece for the Helsa pads in the US? Best, Kyle

R. Jeffery Diduch said...

Hi Kyle, and thank you! The editors finally sent me a couple of copies of the magazine, thanks. I don't think Helsa are available at retail, only wholesale to the industry.

bark collar said...

Nice job

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