Thursday, November 7, 2013

The Making of a Coat- Rory Duffy

Reposting some tailoring porn that I enjoyed, in case readers missed it elsewhere. They're well-filmed and fun to watch.

Andrew Yamato has been producing a series of videos highlighting the work of Rory Duffy, a Henry-Poole trained cutter and winner of the Golden Shears award. I'll post only the videos here, but if you would like some insight into the filmmaker's point of view, you can find it at A Suitable Wardbrobe. Sadly, one of sure to be one of the most anticipated episodes is missing- namely, the one on measuring and making the pattern- but I am sure it will be released soon.

The Making of a Coat #1 - Introduction from Andrew Yamato on Vimeo.

The Making of a Coat #3 - Striking the Pattern from Andrew Yamato on Vimeo.

The Making of a Coat #4 - Cutting the Canvas and Lining from Andrew Yamato on Vimeo.

The Making of a Coat #5 - Crookening & Markstitching from Andrew Yamato on Vimeo.

The Making of a Coat #6 - Making Patch Pockets from Andrew Yamato on Vimeo.

Then when you're done, go and check out Rory's blog. I've been slow lately and I'm glad to see someone picking up the slack.


CarmencitaB said...

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot.

Lorelle said...

Thank you for this.

Andrew Yamato said...

As I wrote in the accompanying essay for the introductory episode on ASW, your blog was a major inspiration for this series, so we're very pleased and honored to have you post these, Jeffery.

We'll definitely be circling back to the pattern drafting in due course. I'm looking into different ways to make that visually dry process a bit more dynamic.

poppykettle said...

Amazing - thank you!

Marysia said...

Hi there Jeffrey, Andrew and Rory,

Thank you so much, absolute heaven that you share all of this skill and talent with us.
Only a home sewer myself but really interested in pushing myself to work on more tailored clothing; which is my preferred style. Oh to be young again..............I would be wanting to train as a tailor!! Thanks again. Marysia.

Carmela said...

What a flashback! My dad was a tailor, he used to make his own patterns and produce the product. Watching these video's I was transported back to watching my dad as a little girl. It truly is an art! Thank you so much for posting them!

Terri said...

Lovely series! Thanks for posting it.

dames jassen said...

Love it! Nice and thx for sharing

Vlora said...

Thanks for sharing such great videos!

Anonymous said...

Funny how mindlessly Americans use words the word 'porn', but also 'love' and 'like' these days. Nobody can truly be affected by anything anymore, isn't it? Poor apathetic country!


Testosterone said...

You had me at, "tailoring porn".

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