Thursday, March 6, 2014

Inspired to start sewing again

I had an accident over a year ago which affected my ability to sew, among other things. But my visit to the company's archives last week made me want to try to start again.

We have a lot of old frock coats that are very fitted through the back, most with a type of princess seam and a waist seam, both details which I chose to incorporate. Also, the seams are being raised with a 1/4" machine stitch, but sewn with vintage silk buttonhole twist.

Also, the pockets are flapped but without visible jets.

The buttonholes will be particularly challenging, but I figure that if it comes to that, I could maybe do them by machine.

Oh god, who am I kidding? Machine-made buttonholes? Me?


Anonymous said...

Oh, I do hope you are able to resume sewing by hand. :-)

Anonymous said...

Mr. Diduch,
You've likely delighted a great many people by returning to your craft. I, certainly, am delighted. I'm convinced you can accomplish this, buttonholes included.

Best wishes and God bless your efforts.

A Leniency Memo said...

Your buttonholes are going to be fantastic! So glad you are feeling like you can try (and succeed, I am sure) again.

Marysia said...

Oh Jeffrey how lovely to see you back - your work is sheer perfection and it does this ladies heart good to marvel at such beautiful stitching. You are quite simply the King of Handworked Buttonholes; I have improved with practice, but oh what joy it would be to sit and watch a Master at work.

We are all standing on the side lines, cheering you on to the photo finish and seeing your beautiful buttonholes once more.

You can do it!!

Anonymous said...

Nice to read that your hand is improving!

Anonymous said...

When I was 17 I severed the tip of my index finger on my dominant hand and it was stitched back together. I couldn't feel anything for years, but now I can. I think the important thing is to use your hand as much as possible so the more you try to sew with it the better it will get! I'm glad to hear you will be sewing again!

Kim said...

Go Jeffery!!! SO glad to see that you've picked up your needle and thread. The hand sewing will be therapy for you. Take it slow.

motorharp said...

Welcome back! I look forward to seeing more of your creations.

s. said...

glad to hear you're getting better!

Kim said...

Btw, Jeffery; have you posted at all about the kind of sewing machine you use? I assume that it's an industrial model? Would be interested in knowing a bit about that. The curves of the pocket flap are just perfect. So elegantly done.

SunGold said...

Amazing craftsmanship (in the positive, not pejorative sense). I am awed by your work and delighted by your blog. Thank you!

Kim said...

To clarify why I ask about which make/kind of machine you use. It always amazes/heartens me to see what kind of machine those who are excellent at sewing use. For the most part, it will be either:
1. An industrial; or 2. a basic model home machine that does straight, zig zag, and some decorative stitches.

I love seeing that, because it reminds and encourages me to know that it doesn't take a fancy sewing machine with all kinds of bells and whistles to turn out excellently constructed garments. It takes a good machine that operates well, sure. Mostly though, it is the operator, not the equipment that needs to be top of the line.

So, if I make reiterate. What sewing machine do you use, please?


patsijean said...

I messed up my Bloglines feed and have not read your blog for a while. I was wondering about your hand. The advice to keep using it is good. More function will return. Good for your.

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