Tuesday, February 3, 2015

The first of Fall

The first of our new half-canvas samples for Fall 2015 start coming off the production line. There is still a lot of work to be done, but considering where we were six months ago I think it's a decent start.



Marysia said...

Isn't the matching of the pattern just perfect!

Anonymous said...

Now as a tailor, that line not following the Bell on the lapel must drive Ya nuts!

Pam said...

That jacket is absolutely gorgeous. Brilliant, and thank you for sharing.

Max said...

Brilliant, just brilliant

Arno said...

It's nice to see that the vertical stripes from the sleeve match the front. I can imagine this is not easy in a production setting.
Would you mind giving a hint about how much ease went into such a flat sleeve cap?
Mine always end up too puffy but I'm scared of cutting them too small.

Anonymous said...

Good job Jeffery !
Say, how did you fix the lower front edge, with lose bias tape or with fused one ?
Besides, is this a size 40 R, the fit model seems to have that size ?

R. Jeffery Diduch said...

Thank you, all.

Anonymous- there are some things one has to learn to live with in an industrial setting.

Arno- typically I use 1/8" to 3/16" per inch of seam, when measured along the seam line. In this case I think I need to add a bit more ease to get what I want.

Josch- thank you. The size is a slim 40R, and this mannequin is a bit on the heavy side. I used a fusible tape in this case as we do not yet have the feeders set up on the machines for an inserted bias tape, but that is coming soon. So many adjustments to machinery to make!

Swift Stitch said...

Excellent post! I hope you will post again soon.

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Indeed! It is decent start you have made and my best wishes with you.

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