Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Finishing touches



Marysia said...

Oh, stunning as always. You really will have to do a close up video one of these days so we can see the technique that makes these beautiful buttonholes.
Jeffery, I have realized your hand must be totally recovered now, which is fantastic!
Thank you for sharing this latest project. Fabric sounds amazing. Enjoy your new suit and good health in wearing it.

s. said...

nice to see you back making truly wonderful things!

Edie Jams said...

Great blog of the hand made Paris of Pents.the original maker do that kind of alteration, it is not a given, and since the workmanship of that particular alteration was so bad and at the same time unattributed, I will have to try to remove the lining first before looking more closely at the rest.Thanks for sharing.........

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