Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Loro Piana Cashmere Cloud

93% cashmere 7% silk.

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Marysia said...

Oh Jeffery,
That must be beautiful fabric to work with.

I always marvel at your superb pattern matching; I tend to go for plain fabrics (my personal preference) but feel I must step out at some point, buy some plaid/check etc and learn!

Thanks for sharing your immaculate work.

sewsy said...

Yes indeed! Thank you. I just (re)read your article about tailoring in Threads magazine, so it's interesting to see the picture and know more about what I'm looking at. In the article, you wrote that the entire jacket is submerged in water, and then hung to be dried overnight. Will you do that to this jacket?

R. Jeffery Diduch said...

Hi Min- it's not the jacket that gets dipped, it's just the canvas front (the interlining) once it's been sewn. Some places soak the material before cutting but it's easier to do once it's been assembled.

Unknown said...

Hey! I love your blog. I've read through every post. I'm trained in Haute Couture, but I've recently gotten into making menswear for myself. Can you recommend a good English (Huntsman/Poole) style cutting system? I've been really disappointed with all the commercial patterns I've tried, and all the pattern drafting books I have also just include American style sack suits. I've looked through a lot of historic cutting systems, but just feel overwhelmed. I know there a couple of gold standard cutting systems, I just don't know which they are. If you can point me in a direction I'd be eternally grateful.