Friday, November 7, 2014


Good shears are very difficult to come by- they just don't make them anymore. One of the members of Styleforum has located a factory in Italy that still has the molds for 13" shears and is willing to make a batch if they get enough orders. If you're interested, check out the thread here and sign up.


SewLittleToSay said...

There's a company in Sheffield (England) still making 13" shears. Their waiting list grew considerably following an article on the British TV but I think they have caught up with orders.

jeanga6 said...

I added myself to the list. I have wanted a pair like this for years

Anonymous said...

Hello everyone, I am idfnl, and started the thread mentioned here and am working with a tailor in the EU to get the order initiated. With the interest from this blog, we seem to have reached the minimum. Thanks. It would be wonderful to see such a quality long lasting product get a new life-line. Please reply to the thread in the link to get a pair. I wish we could do these in the brass handles, but to start they will only give us stainless steel.

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